Akshara’s primary objective is to provide children and youth with vocational and professional education thus enabling them to access opportunities. Since 2005, Akshara has proven to be a fundamental stimulus to furthering the economic welfare of rural communities in Maharashtra.



    The learning journey that begins with Akshara at a primary school level, never really ends, but if we had to name our ‘destination’, we may describe it as ‘enabling young people to stand confidently on their own feet, with dignity and a sense of purpose’. With our focus on empowering girls, this aim becomes particularly relevant.



    Through this programme, we work with local Katkari tribal communities to help create a safer environment through initiatives like solar lighting, basic healthcare and low-cost sanitation, and also offer children some educational support.



    We have a trained senior counsellor on the Akshara team, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that all our teachers are lay counsellors in-the-making. They are prepared for this by the discussions and interactions that we have as a teaching team, in which we frequently discuss how to handle various situations.



    When it comes to key issues like access to education and healthcare, gender relations, caste and communalism, Akshara uses both direct intervention when warranted, as well as a more long-term approach that aims at changing attitudes at the community level.


Akshara has more than 500 students from 1st grade to University, studying in various streams from vocational courses to professional degrees within the country and abroad.

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While engaging with volunteers, Akshara has made possible for them to have an experience of learning, sharing and gaining insights in teaching and working with the rural community. Many bring intense energy when they arrive and engage in the various educational programmes.

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The Annual Report documents the journey of Akshara detailing key milestones since its inception. It contains the philosophy of the organisation and the stories of individuals whose lives have been impacted by Akshara.

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