Our Mission:

To empower rural youth, and children (with an emphasis on the girl child) by providing them access to educational opportunities and personal support.

Since 2005, Akshara has provided rural youth in Maharashtra with educational support and access to opportunity to help them achieve independence and find employment in vocational and professional fields.

Today, Akshara serves more than 500 people in seven villages, including elementary students, pre-university/college-level students, and Adivasi and tribal adults. In addition to education support, Akshara also helps participants secure their first job once they graduate.

Our Philosophy

Equal access to opportunity – that is what Akshara aims to achieve. Akshara aims to instil community responsibility, build self-confidence and create a sense of optimism in the communities in which we work. Towards this end, we use participatory and culturally appropriate methods of awareness creation and intervention. We believe that by working with the local communities and by providing them adequate and timely support, the social position of girls and women within these communities can be changed for the better. We believe that empowered women lead to empowered and enlightened communities. Akshara also stresses on the importance of accepting diversity, encourages education and seeks to create a culture of conflict resolution through dialogue.