The Akshara Initiative is the local impact project of UWC Mahindra College and is a way for the College to extend its own mission to the communities surrounding it. Akshara is based at UWC Mahindra College, and operates independently but in collaboration with the college. In organisational structure, it is three-tiered, with the Advisory Council guiding the senior teaching and administrative staff who in turn, oversee the assistant administration and teaching staff, field workers, interns and student volunteers. In practice, however, Akshara believes in non-hierarchical functioning, democratic decision-making and transparency. Weekly meetings are held, where a range of issues are openly discussed.

In 2014, the Advisory Council has been enlarged to include (in addition to faculty at UWC Mahindra College ) –academicians, activists and others with a rich experience in education, community development, women’s issues and skills development.

The Advisory Board is constituted of the following members:

  • Mr. Pelham Lindfield Roberts, Deputy Chairperson
  • Dr. Cyrus Vakil, Member representing UWCMC
  • Mr. Pradip Koperdekar, Treasurer Ex-Officio
  • Dr. Usha Rajaram, Member representing UWCMC
  • Dr. Parag Mehta, Member representing UWCMC
  • Dr. Nagarkar, Member
  • Ms. Sadhana Dadhich, Member
  • Ms. Mahua Narayan, Member
  • Ms. Vinita Ram, Member
  • Ms. Mini Srinivasan, Member
  • Dr. Harsha Joshi, Member, Akshara Director
  • Dr. Oscar Akerberg, Head, Triveni