Kruti Women – Namrata

All of us who groan about school stress till our throats rip, should take lessons on hard work from Namrata. She balances her commitment to Kruti while beavering away for her 10th standard exams. Namrata is a seamstress with a penchant for math, the focus of her schoolwork. She reminisces about her parents, grandmother and two […]

Kruti Women – Ashwini

It doesn’t matter whether Ashwini ‘s company include lots of people or just a sewing machine, she’s always immersed in her work. Even as we talk, she focuses on the brilliant blue kurta, shoulders hunched, only occasionally looking up. Making kurtas is easy though, she says. The bigger challenge (and enjoyment) is stitching bags and […]

Kruti Women – Suvarna

Suvarna has been a part of the Kruti family for a year now. Having lost her father, Suvarna and her mother moved in with her uncle and his family. Being a working woman herself, Suvarna’s mother has been immensely supportive of the work she does for Kruti. In fact, if it wasn’t for her family’s […]

Kruti Women – Anita

Anita is one of the few people who walked into the Kruti offices tugging years of experience alongside her. After two years of fashion design theory, a spell in a Pune boutique enabled her to polish her skills. Word of her talent soon whizzed out beyond the city, and soon Harsha requested her to sew […]

Kruti Women – Seema

23 year old Seema from Asade is one of Kruti’s pioneering members. There were only three of them then, they started by stitching bags, then dress samples, she has woven her way up to teach newer members her craft.She began with minimal experience, but is now brimming with confidence as in her own words, she […]

Anvita & Akshara-Kruti Exhibition in Pune

Bring all your love to the Anvita & Akshara-Kruti exhibition of handcrafted silks, dyed cottons and chiffons beautifully designed by rural women in Pune. Support Kruti’s mission to empower young women through skill-building and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities.17th & 18th October, 2014 at 455 Sindh Society from 10 am until 6:30 pm 

The Kruti Woman

“What’s Kruti?” he asked confused. “You know the women’s project in Akshara?” I explained with a  you-don’t-know-this-?-tone. “Ah ok.” He was still confused.Kruti is a still a baby. The initiative has been around only for a year. Maybe, that’s why there is always an optimistic enthusiasm in the Akshara office; something that you sometimes lose […]