Study Groups

I was new in the job. We needed to conduct the night study of Class 10 class students. So many problems were coming across while conducting night study classes!  How to keep them silent for longer hours and how to make them study was the main problem in front of me. Suddenly an idea came […]

Khelgar Class

I had to monitor classes of some subjects which I have taught. I first went to Khelghar at Bhadas village. Today I started my class with games to stimulate the imagination. Then I divided the class into groups and asked them to perform a small skit on the topic of ‘Family’. The children performed all […]

Akshara Teachers’ Musings

 14/08/2014Class Setu, Village ShereToday, the whole school was busy with preparations for Independence Day which is tomorrow. I had an idea that I might find it difficult to attract students’ attention. Other students from other classes were also making so much of noise. As usual I asked students about the topics discussed in the last […]

My Experience in Akshara

My name is Smita. I have an MSc (Electronics) degree and a B.Ed. degree also. I used to love in Bhusawal, in Jalgaon district of Khandesh. After I completed my education, as I was wondering about taking up a job, I was offered a lecturer’s position by my college. I accepted it and started teaching.For […]

When learning is fun

My name is Chinmaya Khedekar, and I am a teacher in the Akshara Programme. The subjects I teach are Science and English for Khelgar and Setu. I am a graduate in the field of Home Science.I have always thought that in education, studying anything should be interesting. Even today, however, some schools still practice education […]