The Kruti Woman

“What’s Kruti?” he asked confused. “You know the women’s project in Akshara?” I explained with a  you-don’t-know-this-?-tone. “Ah ok.” He was still confused.Kruti is a still a baby. The initiative has been around only for a year. Maybe, that’s why there is always an optimistic enthusiasm in the Akshara office; something that you sometimes lose […]

From the Heart

I have been associated with Akshara for the past nine years. My experience with the organisation during those years has been of great value in every way. Since 2006, I studied  at Akshara and it proved to be a life-changing opportunity.When I was in 10th grade, I regularly skipped classes and became anxious about my […]

When learning is fun

My name is Chinmaya Khedekar, and I am a teacher in the Akshara Programme. The subjects I teach are Science and English for Khelgar and Setu. I am a graduate in the field of Home Science.I have always thought that in education, studying anything should be interesting. Even today, however, some schools still practice education […]

Best Friends | Blog from Akshara

As a volunteer, my first encounter with the foundation students during the teacher orientation in August lit up my day. We were shown around the local school in Khubavali and the 6 kids that were going to run along the first year students at MUWCI came along. I ended up sitting on the floor in […]

Foundation Course Musings

On the face of it, we were just a couple of teachers and a bunch of students sitting around a table at MUWCI, talking about school, about going away to college, about the pleasures (and pains!) of meeting new people and dealing with strange food and unfamiliar weather. We all spoke English in sort of […]