From the Heart

I have been associated with Akshara for the past nine years. My experience with the organisation during those years has been of great value in every way. Since 2006, I studied  at Akshara and it proved to be a life-changing opportunity.

When I was in 10th grade, I regularly skipped classes and became anxious about my future when it was time for exams. Then, Akshara stepped in and everything changed. I understood how important Akshara was for me when I realised that now I have a platform where I can excel, showcase my skills and prepare for a good career.

After my results in 10th grade, Akshara arranged a course in Spoken English, and with interest, hardwork and dedication, I stood first in my class. I was the happiest person that day. I am thankful to Akshara for teaching me that it is important to help others but to do that, it is crucial to help yourself and education is a important part of that journey.

When I reached 12th grade, my English speaking skills had substantially improved, and I also got good grades in different subjects. For undergraduate studies, I’ve chosen English Literature and  alongside, working thanks to Harsha Ma’am who offered me a job. I accepted this opportunity with great pleasure and feel that it is an amazing platform for me to excel. I realised that with hard work, anything is achievable, and I had done everything to stand on my two feet.

At Akshara, students have the freedom to think and maintain discipline at the same time. Akshara has taught us how important it is to become friends with people and help others. If Akshara didn’t exist for us, it would be very difficult to get a good education. Akshara is my family and extends to the villagers in the nearby community as well.

Currently, I work with the Triveni Program at UWC Mahindra College in  India. I am thankful to Akshara and happy to have earned this great opportunity. What I know and feel is that my association with  Akshara is an emotional one and I will always be connected to Akshara from the bottom of my heart.

By Rahul Kamble

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