Khelgar Class

I had to monitor classes of some subjects which I have taught. I first went to Khelghar at Bhadas village. Today I started my class with games to stimulate the imagination. Then I divided the class into groups and asked them to perform a small skit on the topic of ‘Family’. The children performed all the characters very well and they even said some of the dialogues that they have heard parents say. They were all so open up and not shy anymore. After this, in Shileshwar Khelghar, I conducted the same activity, only changing the topic to ‘Animal Family’. During this activity, one of the group was performing a skit about the lion’s family. The little girl playing the role of the mother, the lioness, began to mime washing utensils! The whole class burst into laughter & they told her that a lioness never washes utensils.

Overall today’s Khelghar class was fun-filled. The students enjoyed it so much. We can see how much kids love to use their imaginations.


-Nemaji More:

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