Study Groups

I was new in the job. We needed to conduct the night study of Class 10 class students. So many problems were coming across while conducting night study classes!  How to keep them silent for longer hours and how to make them study was the main problem in front of me. Suddenly an idea came to mind and we made six groups of students.  The funniest part while making the group was that I had to make them in such a way that each student was compatible with his or her study group! I took a lot of trouble over this and finally it was done. After this, we gave an hour to group discussion of one subject every day. This helped to clarify concepts. Whenever they found it difficult to understand, we explained the topic in greater detail and due to this, there was a marked increase in their confidence. They started studying with enthusiasm as they had questions to solve and they also started to interact with their teachers for getting their queries solved.

 -Prashant Kolhe

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