Kruti Women – Suvarna


Suvarna has been a part of the Kruti family for a year now. Having lost her father, Suvarna and her mother moved in with her uncle and his family. Being a working woman herself, Suvarna’s mother has been immensely supportive of the work she does for Kruti. In fact, if it wasn’t for her family’s encouragement, she would not have been a part of Kruti today. A nurse in the local village, her mother enrolled her in sewing classes. Every day after school, Suvarna travelled to Paud where she learnt how to stitch kurtas and bags. It was around the same time that Harsha used to come to Suvarna’s village to teach children. Having just started Kruti, she was looking for dedicated, young women from the village to be a part of her clothing venture. It was then that she approached Suvarna, offering her a job. Suvarna believed that she needed to utilize the sewing skills that shehad acquired and graciously accepted. Buying a sewing machine for the house was her family’s way of showing her that she was taking a step in the right direction. They were rewarded by Suvarna’s commitment to her first job and also a beautiful array of clothes, all tailored by her.

Suvarna joined Kruti at a hectic time, when they were trying to be more ambitious and move on to making kurtas instead of just bags. Despite the extra work that came with the expansion, everyone around her made it clear that it was vital for her to complete her studies. And so, she went back to school to continue her education while still being an integral part of Kruti.

According to her, Kruti has been an exciting learning experience. Not only has she gained valuable skill but has also grown as a person. Being a part of Kruti, she was expected to be an independent individual, often having to travel to Pune alone to choose cloth. Being a part of an organization, she was required to actively participate in meetings. And so, from a quiet, shy, girl emerged a loquacious and talented young lady.

One of her highlights in her time working for Kruti was when she received her first pay check. It was an extraordinary feeling for her to know that the effort she put in had been of use and that somebody had appreciated her work enough to spend their hard earned money on it! The first thing she did was show it to her family, who never lacked in their support for their daughter who is now, an expert clothier.

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