When learning is fun

My name is Chinmaya Khedekar, and I am a teacher in the Akshara Programme. The subjects I teach are Science and English for Khelgar and Setu. I am a graduate in the field of Home Science.

I have always thought that in education, studying anything should be interesting. Even today, however, some schools still practice education through old textbooks. The textbooks are definitely valuable, but we need something more.

Akshara has given me the opportunity to implement innovative, interesting ideas in my field of teaching, also helping hundreds of children to practice a different kind of thinking that responds to the needs of the 21st Century. In the Akshara programme, we conduct a wide array of activities for children and facilitate learning . At Akshara, I have observed that children who at first were not able to express themselves, now know how to articulate their ideas and express their opinions.

Now, our children enjoy learning. Earlier, homework only used to be a task they have to complete and many a times, they lacked interest. Now, however, students ask us to organise more activities and give more assignments that they can do on their own at home. Learning has become fun. Languages, for instance, were a boring learning experience for many students. Today, with the introduction of a different style of teaching and orientation in our classes, students are increasingly interested in learning languages. Our teaching methodology moves beyond traditional teaching practices in India and ensure that students open their eyes to the world that surrounds them and understand that life is of varied colours outside the place where they live.

By Chinmaya

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